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Damn You Costco

Have you ever walked into a Costco for one or two things and then walked back out an hour later having spent $200 and having various sample cups in your cart? It’s like those greeters hypnotize you! “Ooh look a 500 pack of Christmas cards! I don’t know what I will do with all of those but I need them!” I can’t be the only one to get sucked into the Costco madness, can I?

Today we went to Costco and managed to stay on budget!!! (cue the applause) I feel very accomplished. Next I just have to get through Target without visiting every single aisle (which we all know is pretty much impossible). I don’t know what it is about shopping but I love finding a good deal. Some people brag about how much they spend. I will forever brag about how little I spent. Now to find the balance between getting a good deal on things I actually need and skipping the deal however good on what I don’t need.

Speaking of, yesterday our local church had a Grandma’s attic sale. Basically what this means is that there are no set prices and you just pay what you can. I have to admit I found some great deals. I felt somewhat bad though as I only had $5.45 to give. The ladies who were working kept pointing me to more things. I kept telling them I don’t have very much to give but they said to take it and they didn’t want to pack it all up again. They actually started giving away everything at 1pm and I was still there so I didn’t feel too bad.

These are the types of shopping experiences that I absolutely love though. Who wouldn’t love to find unique items, especially antique items, for an affordable price. Now I just have to find placed to put everything that I found. Over the next few weeks I will show you what I do with my finds. I hope you are as excited as I am.

Beautiful Christmas Centerpieces
Look at these beautiful centerpieces!! These will be perfect at Christmas!
Antique oil lamp
This is an old oil (kerosene?) lamp, it needs a little sprucing up but I am a sucker for this stuff.
Beautiful pitcher
This pitcher is the perfect match to a serving bowl I got at a garage sale a few weeks back, love.
Pretty mirror on stand.
Once I get my basement set up the way I want, this is going behind the sectional. So pretty! Sorry the picture quality is low!


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