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Trying Something New

I am so sorry that I have been missing lately. This time of year is always crazy for us. My husband and I actually started Weight Watchers and have been having a lot of success with it so far. It is so interesting to see how much better my mood has been since beginning to eat healthier. I also switched to a new antidepressant and I am feeling AMAZEBALLS!! The first few days were very difficult and man did I want to eat every single thing on the planet. I felt like a bottomless pit which isn’t very much fun while on a diet. That is one thing I love about Weight Watchers though, I am still able to eat some of my cravings! I mean a mini blizzard is half of my daily points (found that out the hard way…) but I was still able to treat myself without having to feel like I failed everything. And no this is not a paid thing for Weight Watchers, I just really love it that much. I have lost 14 pounds so far in the last month, I have another 127 left to lose so I will definitely keep you updated on that.

In other news for the last month or so I have felt like our fridge just wasn’t cold enough. My husband thought I was crazy and that everything felt cold (it didn’t) but after our SECOND gallon of milk went bad he finally listened to me. The fridge temp was 57 degrees! I can’t believe we haven’t gotten food poisoning. I mean I do want to lose weight but the shit yourself diet isn’t exactly what I had in mind. Luckily we have another fridge in our basement that the previous owners left behind so we were able to move everything down there. Now we just get the added workout of running up and down the stairs every time we want something from the fridge (yay cardio?). We think we have figured out the problem and the new part should be arriving from Amazon on Saturday, Amazon is such a life saver. Now we just have to figure out how to detach the old part completely so that we can reattach the new part, I think we will have to reach out to good old Google for that.

My daughter has also started hard core walking which means that she is into EVERYTHING!!!! I mean you just don’t realize how many hazards and breakables you have in your house until you release a toddler into it. It has been stressful that’s for sure. I don’t know how many times a day I hear myself saying “can you not?”. I love this little lady but seriously she needs to just stop sometimes (like that will ever happen lol). She is also getting I think 4 teeth right now (every time I try to look she bites me, Ouch!) so her attitude has been super duper fun.. O well, I guess I should get used to this because she isn’t even two yet. I just need this snow to go away so we can get out on walks during the day instead of being cooped up inside constantly, I am so sick of being in the house all damn day and I would really like to go on walks for exercise.

I am hoping with losing weight that I will be able to get pregnant again as well. With Sky it took 2 years, 11 months of that was fertility treatments including 2 IUI’s. My husband and I have decided we are not going to do fertility treatment again as it is way too stressful and way too expensive for us. So keep your fingers crossed that I can get skinny to get fat again (should this be my new slogan?)! I am hoping soon here I can figure out how to post a dang graphic so I can show you my normal daily food intake and my workouts, they aren’t anything special but it is better than nothing. It is nothing like those ones you see on Pinterest where people are doing 500 squats and burpees and all that ridiculousness, good for you if you do that but personally I like being able to move the next day lol.  Well I spose I better go rescue the baby from the husband (or is it the husband from the baby?) before he loses his mind. Love you all.

Mama Chaos

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