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A Heck of a Day

Well Hello Darling, I know I haven’t posted in awhile and I am so glad to have you back. It has been crazy with hosting Thanksgiving and then my daughter got conjunctivitis (fancy word for pink eye, I think) and then I got sick and now we are both finally on the mend. That of course means my house is a disaster and not one of those “disasters” that is 2 Kleenex’s on the ground and a rinsed plate in the sink. I mean full on disaster. Toys everywhere, dishes need to be washed, floors need to be cleaned, the works. To top it all off today we are having a blizzard and for some reason I just had horrible luck today. First of all we had no food in the house, I was supposed to go shopping yesterday but my husband had to work until 8 and the store closes at 7. The no food led to my daughter and I eating clam chowder for the third day in a row. She ended up chucking most of her clam chowder on the floor, which led to the dogs getting a tasty meal. Then our dog Chewbacca decided to puke into the cushion crack on the couch, joy. Then they baby fell off the bed head first (she is ok just a little bump) and I think my heart stopped for a second. After that I declared it was nap time until daddy got home (at the time just praying that we would be able to make it home). My husband was able to get home from work and go to the store so I thought things were getting better. O I was so wrong. My husband works at a sugar production place and they have a swing shift for most of the factory. That means if one shift comes in and the next one can’t make it in then the first shift has to stay for 36 hours (it sucks as much as it sounds). Our newish neighbors started working there recently and are both on the same swing shift. The belief was that they were going to have to stay for 36 hours due to the storm. They have two dogs at home so we volunteered to put them out. The thing is that these dogs don’t really know us and therefore do not trust us and won’t listen to us. Phil went over to try to let the dogs out and they wouldn’t go so he went to leave. Little did he know that the small dog had gotten out because the back door hadn’t latched from the snow. I saw the dog run past our front window and called him. Thus began the 2 hour search in the blizzard for a little dog that we were sure was going to freeze to death or get hit by a car. My poor Philly was so upset by this whole thing, he was out looking so long that his pants were frozen stiff. I called the sheriff’s department and asked them to let me know if anyone saw her. We didn’t hear anything for the longest time. Then our doorbell rang and I got a phone call at the same time. At the door was one of the neighbors and on the phone was the sheriff’s department. Phil was telling the neighbor we had lost her as I was finding out that an officer was currently following her in his car trying to get her. The neighbor walked away and I told Phil what the call was. He ran outside in his shorts and t shirt and told the neighbor where she had last been seen. Our neighbor then met up with the officer and they got her!!! Such relief! She is fine, just cold. I started tearing up when I heard she was ok. Thank God we are in a small town where the police officers can help in these situations. Now that everything has settled down, we are both unwinding/trying not to have a heart attack. We were able to finish up supper and enjoy it (taco salads, yum). I am kind of hoping that my husband doesn’t have to go into work tomorrow but I know that probably won’t happen (the man will not call in for anything). Tomorrow I will be starting to get the house in order. I will post some before and after pictures to keep me accountable so be prepared for the horror that is my unkempt house. I will also be sharing some pictures of the beautiful snow! Hope you stop by again soon, buhbye for now!

Mama Chaos

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