Babies and Chaos

Welcome to Babies and Chaos!!

Hello and welcome! I am so glad you are here. I created this blog to help bring mother’s (and people in general) together. We all have our personal struggles and I think we need to start talking about them more. It shouldn’t be taboo to have postpartum depression or anxiety; and it shouldn’t be frowned upon to talk about infertility. We need to have a safe place where we can share our struggles and come up with ways to combat them. I know I have some things that I would like to improve on and I hope you will join me on this journey! I will be finding ways to keep my house clean while struggling with depression that makes me want to stay in bed and anxiety that makes me feel overwhelmed. My weight and eating habits have also taken a big hit since becoming a mother (yay breastfeeding hunger!), so I am going to be creating a meal planning system that works for me and hopefully you can benefit as well. I will be here for you along this journey, whether you are having trouble getting out of bed or staying out of the fridge. You need help planning an activity for the kids? I’m your girl. You sick of peeing on sticks and only seeing one line? I know that feeling. Do you want to get out and exercise but it seems like way too much effort? O I definitely know how that feels. Let me be here for you and I hope you will be here for me as we go through this awesomely terrifying experience of parenthood, or as I like to call it Babies and Chaos.

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  1. Thank you so much for stopping by! It is such a common thing but it’s as if the world doesn’t want to acknowledge it! I hope my posts can help you!

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